lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

• ❥ LOTD 873❥•

•  Hair : +Spellbound+ Augustine // Chapter I : Earth 

• Top : Meva Long Scarf Full with Top

• Jeans : SPIRIT - Paola jeans [DARK BLUE] UBER

• Shoes : :::ChicChica::: Ivette Noir Cosmopolitan

• Set : th lazy 2 Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Old Shelved Log
..::THOR::.. Old Demijohn
..::THOR::.. Oil Lamp
..::THOR::.. Vintage Room Heater RARE
.::THOR::.. Old Hobby Table Lamp
..::THOR::.. Sketchbook with Sheets
..::THOR::.. Jar of Brushes
..::THOR::.. Refurbished Hobby Table
..::THOR::.. Grungy Varnished Stool
..::THOR::.. Good Music Holder

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